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    True Protein 1.9L Jug

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    1.9 Litre

    Ultimate look

    The MATTE BLACK WATER BOTTLE takes the well-known style and steps it up a notch. In an unmistakable solid black colour, this bottle would not look out of place in an elite SWAT team. With a 1.89L water capacity, this bottle supports all your hydration needs and is the ultimate training accessory.

    True Branded

    The MATTE BLACK WATER BOTTLE comes in a matte black finish with our iconic logo printed in white and teal on the front centre. It also has True in white embroidered on the strap.


    1.89L Capacity

    TP MATTE BLACK WATER BOTTLE holds an epic 1.89L making it a suitable option for a diverse range of beverage options.


    BPA Free

    MATTE BLACK WATER BOTTLE is made from BPA free plastic to ensure it's free from all harmful chemicals


    Robust Design

    The 1.89L WATER BOTTLE is made from Tritan plastic meaning it is sturdier then other versions on the market.


    Leak Proof Lid

    MATTE BLACK WATER BOTTLE comes equipped with a 100% leak proof lid. As a bestseller in our range this model is tried and tested for reliability


    Excellent Value

    MATTE BLACK WATER BOTTLE offers a reliable and affordable option for your hydration requirements.