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    The Ultimate Prima Pack

    This pack is the ultimate Fat Loss pack, it covers all fields. Recovery, Thermogenic, Sleep/Stress and Test booster.

    A big part of Fat loss is your calorie intake, thats why we have chosen a low calorie, low carb and low fat protein to have for your recovery after the gym.

    This Thermogenic Pre Workout is perfect to get you motivated for the gym and make you sweat and burn those calories while doing your workout.

    Restore, a sleep and stress formula. People don't realize how big of an impact sleep and stress is on your body and how it stops your hitting your goals. If you're Stressed or not sleeping enough your body wont let you lose the weight you want or even gain the muscle you're working towards.

    And the test booster, this will help you get hold of that unused testosterone and accelerate your muscle growth and fat loss .

    If you have any questions, dont be afraid to hit us up on facebook, instagram or give us a call.  

    Please contact us for choice of flavors