Switch Nutrition Coffee Switch

AtSwitch Nutrition we love our daily coffee ritual, but we wanted to make it better. 

Upgrade your daily ritual withCOFFEE Switch™.

For us coffee is as much about the taste as it is the benefit, and we realised we could provide a greater benefit with the addition of some nootropic botanicals and organic mushrooms. 

COFFEE Switch™uses carefully selected Colombian Single Origin Arabica Coffee Beans for that premium coffee taste. 

To help support your fun feels we’ve added the award-winning ingredient EnXtra™ (Alpina galanga), Lions Mane, Coffea Arabica Fruit (Neurofactor®), Theobroma Cacao and Huperzia Serrata.

The final step in creating abetter brew is to support abetter YOU. This is where the addition of our 7 Certified Organic Mushroom Blend, Turmeric and goMCT® comes in.  

goMCT® contains healthy fats derived from coconut oil to supply naturally occurring C8 (caprylic) and C10 (capric) medium chain triglycerides and prebiotic acacia fibre. 

Turmeric has a long history of use in Ayruvedic culture. Our turmeric (HydroCurc®) is up to 400% more water soluble due to the patented LipiSperse® technology. 

Mushrooms have long been prized for their many benefits.COFFEE SWITCH™ contains a high quality organic mushroom blend to support your nutrient needs.  

Better Taste | Better Feels | Better You