Cellucor Amino + C4 Stack

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Muscle Building
The world's most famous pre workout Cellucor C4 combined with the leading Alpha Amino equals a formidable combination for building muscle. 
If your workouts have not been reaching the level of intensity your used to try this combination to get things moving forward again. C4 provides you with the energy and focus to hit the extra reps improving your overall level of fitness.
Now add in the Aminos to help reduce fatigue or take them post workout to promote recovery and start the muscle building process. 

Stack Guide

Training days:

  • Use one serve of C4, 30 minutes prior to training
  • During training take a serve of the Alpha Aminos 
  • If you feel fatigued through the day try taking a scoop of the Aminos for a perk up

Non training days:

  • 1 - 2 serves of the Alpha Aminos