Muscle Nation Casein Custard

Casein Custard by Muscle Nation is a high-quality casein supplement and a tasty snack or pre-bedtime treat! In two flavours this delicious product when mixed fluffs up to a creamy, sweet custard-like texture. Casein Protein is a slow sustained digesting protein that takes 6-8 hours to digest, this makes it very satiating (ie. will make you feel fuller for longer) and will give you an ongoing release of protein to muscles throughout the day/night. 

Muscle Nation Casein Custard is packed full with 27 grams of Protein per serve (Muscle Recovery), 7 grams of Glutamine (Reduce Muscle Soreness and Boost Immunity), 3 grams of Fibre (Increase Satiety, Support Gut Health) and, 1.2 grams of MCT Oil Powder (Supports Gut and Brain Function). Additionally, this product is Gluten Free and contains no added creamers, gums or fillers. 

Muscle Nation Custard Casein Benefits

  • 27 grams of Protein per serve
  • 7 grams of Glutamine
  • Added Fibre and MCT Oil for Gut Health
  • Perfect Bed Time guilt free treat
  • Slow Digesting Protein to steadily Fuel Muscles.