NOWAY Collagen Protein

NOWAY Protein is a high-quality Collagen derived protein that is specifically formulated to activate two essential signaling pathways, AMPk and mTor. These two pathways are responsible for fat loss and muscle gain respectively. There's a tonne of science to back up this amazing protein, but without jumping down the rabbit hole too deep, we like to explain NOWAY as; 1. You won't bloat, 2. You'll recover darned fast (Goodbye sore muscles!) 3. It's a different texture, not milky, it tastes' delicious but is mild, not like a very sweet milkshake. 

Also, NOWAY is low carb, Dairy Free (though not vegan-friendly), Gluten Free, Gut Friendly with nothing artificial (colours, flavours etc) 100% Natty!