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    Easy Workout you can do from home.

    Easy Workouts you can do from home

    Try this quick full body workout including a great ab piece.

    This workout is designed to keep you moving for the duration & is great for beginners. The trick is to move quickly between movements and take short rests between sets to keep the fat burning. 

    If you can hit the reps try doing it each week and adding 1 rep until you reach 20 reps of each movement. These basic movements are the foundation blocks for a strong body.

    As always we can recommend a few supplements for you to test out. 

    PROTEIN Recovery, build muscle

    PRE WORKOUT Energy, focus, pump

    GLUTAMINE- a building block of protein and critical part of the immune system. What's more, glutamine has a special role in intestinal health.


    1. Jogging on the spot high knees
    2. Star Jumps
    3. Toe touches
    4. Air squats
    5. Plank


    5 Rounds
    20 Reps per movement
    30 Second Plank after each round
    Rest 1 minute
    • Air Squats
    • Burpees
    • Bench Dips
    • Stationary Lunges (10 each leg)
    • Push Ups
    • 30 Sec Plank
    • Rest 1 Minute

    Scale the reps back if you must. For example, start at 5 reps per movement and each week increase the reps by 1 until you reach 20 of each.